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Happy New Year!

I would like to take some time to discuss the direction for this coming year at wydraTEK LLC, as well as catch anyone up to speed who may not know of the changes last year. 2013 showed a change in our services as we moved away from computer repair & IT services to a focus solely on Cloud Services. This was due to a few reasons, but was primarily because of my move from Connecticut to New Hampshire. For about a year I was able to run the business fairly well from my remote location, but it was getting harder and harder to do. What had always separated wydraTEK LLC from my competitors was my customer satisfaction. Remotely, I could not uphold my commitment to amazing customer satisfaction, and I soon realized my Connecticut office needed to be closed.

To make sure that my computer repair and IT customers were not going to be left with Geeks or Nerds who saw them only as a number, I partnered with a local colleague of mine Rocco Frank at The ComputerFox. Rocco has done a great job keeping my computer repair and IT customers happy and continuing to provide them with the service they received from wydraTEK LLC. I look forward to continuing this partnership with Rocco throughout 2014. If you require computer repair or IT services, please give Rocco a call at (203) 247-4357 or send a message online

With 2014 here, you may have noticed that we just launched our new website. Our new site gives us the foundation to build features and functionality that will help us grow in our exciting move forward. Our first goal is to further enable our customers to do more on their own through self service. More details on this will be revealed as we get closer to having this functionality. Second, today we talk with our customers who are looking at Cloud Services to present them with a plan suited just for them. We will continue to do this because it is what I believe separates us from the big players, but we will also be creating Plans & Packages to make it easier to understand what you are receiving and how it will be billed.

If you have any questions on future plans, what’s in store for this year, or anything else, please feel free to Contact Us.

Thanks for reading!

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